Hello and welcome to “Beyond the Grey Box: Stories from Special Collections and Archives!” With this new blog, we will delve into the materials of Special Collections and Archives. We will work to tell the stories that are housed within our collections and also showcase published works that have utilized the Archives for research. The stories we will be telling, will, of course, depend on the box. We may highlight color slides of the Korean War or the original dedication of Academic Hall!

Special Collections & Archives, located in Room 306 of Kent Library on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is responsible for collecting and preserving the history of our campus and the region of Southeast Missouri. Our collections contain primary sources (firsthand accounts) such as letters, diaries, journals, photographs, videos, films, cassettes, ledgers, yearbooks and directories. In fact, our mission is to “acquire, preserve, and allow access to research materials that document the historical, literary, and cultural experience of Southeast Missouri, the Mississippi River Valley region, and the history of Southeast Missouri State University.”

One of the questions that we hope to help folks understand is what an archives is. An archives is a place where one can go to gather firsthand evidence of historical events from letters, reports, notes, memos, photographs, and other primary sources. Archives are places that hold truly interesting, cool, and important historical artifacts. Where else can you discover everything from suffragette booklets to Sagamore yearbooks from Southeast? Not only will we focus on our history and stories, we will have special guest bloggers from time to time!

Special Collections & Archives is not only filled with historical information, it is also filled with wonderful people!

Archives Staff 2017-2018

Here at Special Collections and Archives we are fortunate to have a great team of student workers. They help to process new collections, answer questions from our patrons, and just generally liven up the Archives! The two staff members in the Archives are Roxanne Dunn, Special Collections and Archives Librarian and Tyson Koenig, the Archival Assistant. We are also very fortunate to have a graduate assistant, Raeanne Spears, who is with us during this academic year. Raeanne worked hard on designing the blog and taking photographs for us.


One person we simply can’t forget to mention is Alan Carver. Alan was a student in US400: History Communications during the Fall 2017 semester. The Archives was lucky to partner with Alan, as he helped us to select a blog platform, design our blog and even wrote some posts for us. Without his support and knowledge we would not be blogging right now! Thank you Alan. We truly appreciate all your help and expertise!

Tracie ManesA second person we would like to thank is Tracie Manes. Tracie contributed to our blog by writing posts as well as editing them. She has worked with us in the past and continues to be involved with the Archives. Thank you Tracie for finishing up last minute details for our blog!

As we work to bring you great stories, please consider telling us what you would like to learn more about in Special Collections & Archives. If you are interested in any of the information posted, have comments, or want to see more, drop us a line in the comment box. Our goal is to share the great history that is housed in Special Collections & Archives. We plan on sharing new posts every three weeks. Make sure to follow “Beyond the Grey Box: Stories from Special Collections & Archives” to keep up with the Archives and learn about the historical treasures we preserve to share with everyone!

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