Special Collections & Archives welcomes back new and returning students, faculty, and staff to Southeast Missouri State University for the Fall 2018 semester!  In the coming weeks, we will share with you several stories and images from within our collections.  We will be highlighting several topics such as: what was discovered in Kent Library over this past summer and what happened next, the history and significance of the Little River Drainage District to the southeast Missouri region, and what resides in our World War I collections from Southeast Missouri State Teachers College.

One collection that is located in the reading room of Special Collections & Archives is the Sagamore collection. The Sagamore yearbooks, published from 1914 to 1989, document Southeast’s faculty, students, organizations, special events, and much more.  Fall semester move-in days and first week festivities were (and still are) very important events on campus.  Highlighted below are some examples of what life was like for the students of the past.

You can see the bustle of activity with students moving into Dearmont Hall, as shown on the right side of the photograph below.

 Sagamore, 1975 – Students Moving into Dearmont Hall

The first week of classes has always been full of fun activities for students.  One example of this happened in 1975.  During new student week students “built the world’s largest ice cream sundae made up of 2,550 pounds of ice cream, 160 pounds of chocolate syrup, 30 pounts of chopped nuts and a gallon of cherries.  The record was topped a few weeks later on an ABC TV special.”


Sagamore, 1975 – Students Creating the World’s Largest Sundae

Students of the past also had to worry about time-management as shown in the image below from the 1985 Sagamore.  College life has always been very busy!  Planning is an important part of successfully navigating classes, work, and having a social life.

Sagamore, 1985 – A Time Management Lesson for New Freshmen

When you carve out some time in your schedule to visit Special Collections & Archives, you will see some familiar and new faces.  This semester we are welcoming back Special Collections & Archives Librarian – Roxy, Archival Assistant – Tyson, Graduate Assistant – Raeanne and student workers Tracie, Kelsey, and Peter!  We are also welcoming new student workers Rachael, Lily, and Madelyn and new staff member/Library Technical Assistant I – Mary!  We are all here to help assist you in your research needs, whether it is your first visit or your twentieth visit.

In case you have not yet learned about what we have to offer, our collections contain primary sources (firsthand accounts) such as letters, diaries, journals, photographs, videos, films, cassettes, ledgers, yearbooks and directories.  We also have a Rare Book Room that houses materials that have been classified as too unique or valuable to circulate.  Materials in the Rare Book Room include The Brodsky-Faulkner Collection, The Charles L. Harrison Collection, and The Robert Penn Warren Collection.  These collections include first edition books, medieval manuscripts, and other one of a kind documents.

Sagmore, 1989 – Rare Book Room

We hope that by following our posts you can learn about events from history with the first hand evidence that furthers our mission to “acquire, preserve, and allow access to research materials that document the historical, literary, and cultural experience of Southeast Missouri, the Mississippi River Valley region, and the history of Southeast Missouri State University.”

We can’t wait to see you this semester!

Sagamore, 1973 – Students Headed to Class

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