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From “Old Normal” to Academic Hall: The early foundation of higher education in Southeast Missouri

Today’s blog post was written by guest author Alan Carver, an undergraduate student studying History at Southeast Missouri State University. Southeast Missouri State University was founded in 1873; however, a lot has changed since then. What is now the university had its beginning as the Southeast Missouri State Normal School. The Normal School did not have the same buildings that […]

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Reading Between the Lines

Today’s blog post comes to us from Dr. Joni Hand, Associate Professor of Art History at Southeast Missouri State University. When I tell people I moved to Cape Girardeau from Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from New York City, they look at me as though I was from another planet. Most say, “That must have been a big […]

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Welcome to Beyond the Grey Box

Hello and welcome to “Beyond the Grey Box: Stories from Special Collections and Archives!” With this new blog, we will delve into the materials of Special Collections and Archives. We will work to tell the stories that are housed within our collections and also showcase published works that have utilized the Archives for research. The stories we will be telling, […]